Game of Thrones: The Exhibition

The Game of Thrones exhibition came to Stockholm for the first time this year. Mr.A and I have massive love for that show, so of course, we simply had to head out to Kungstragården, get into a long queue for the better part of two hours to get an entry to the GoT world. So exciting!

At the entrance, we could get a photo sitting upon the Iron Throne. That was quite enough to make my day. But there was more awaiting us inside. Costumes and props that were actually used during the shoot were on display. Gorgeous gowns donned by Cersei, Danerys and Sanza. Armours worn by Jon Snow, Tyrion & Jaime Lannister. The dragon eggs before they hatched. The Mountain’s sword. The White Walkers’ Master. There were some cool activities, too. You could get ‘torched by a dragon’ – they made a video of you being incinerated by the flames from a dragon’s fangs :) You could be ‘turned by a White Walker’ – they transformed your photo so you had icy blue ices and snowy hands hair ;) But the best one was where you got a 3-D tour, a ride upon the winch elevator to the top of the Wall at Castle Black, an experience created with a Sony Oculus, mixed with sound and effects of movement and wind. It was a real ride, and at the end of it, the effect was that you were toppling down the wrong side, north of the Wall, into the Haunted Forest! Very cool, I say :D

Color Stories : Candy

Hello Readers,

Amidst all the hullabloo about the color of that blue-black or white-gold dress, I introduce a new feature on my blog called ‘Color Stories’! I’m sharing snapshots of my travels, tied together by color. Why this post is called ‘Candy’, you ask? Check out Ingrid Sundberg‘s post about the Color Thesaurus, that’s why! Hope you will enjoy browsing through my travel world, as I do when I revisit memories locked in my albums :)

 Little angel on a toadstool, Mornington Peninsula, Australia

Dreamy little angel on a toadstool, Hedgend Maze, Healesville, Australia


Somewhere in Copenhagen.jpg

Heart carved on a guard’s stand, Copenhapen, Denmark


Vintage Vespa, Melbourne.jpg

Vintage Vespa, Melbourne, Australia


Juicy strawberries picked from Sunnyridge Farm, Australia


Message on Norwegian Airlines' seat cover

Pleasant message on Norwegian Airlines’ seat cover

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Sweet talk

I can’t boast about being a great cook. Some of my brutally honest friends will vouch for that. But I can’t help but gloat over my very successful attempt at making gajar ka halva (carrot halva) for a pot-luck lunch. Carrot halva is an extremely popular dessert served throughout India. It is made out of grated carrots, slowly cooked with milk over a low heat, flavored with nuts and raisins, infused with the aroma of crushed cardamoms. Mention the word to any Indian, and you will probably hear a heart-felt account of childhood memories involving cold winter days and a house smelling like heaven and mom cooking them their favorite dessert :)

I followed this recipe from Radhika‘s blog called, which features a superb collection of Indian vegetarian recipes.

Fun fact: check out what Wikipedia talks about the etymology of the word halva – turns out ‘Halva’, or a slight variation of the word, used to describe some kind of sweet in about 30 different countries!

Update: Incidentally, my post is just apt for the Daily Post’s prompt – “Local Flavor“!