True to my roots

I cooked a true blue Bengali dish today. “Lau Chingri” or bottle gourd/ opo squash/ long melon with shrimps.

For those who grew up in a Bengali household, this dish wouldn’t be an uncommon name. However, I’m no pro at the proper stuff that my mother and grandmother create as if by magic. So I sorta patted myself on the back upon tasting the result. As for Mr.A, he had never heard of the combination but nevertheless enjoyed the ‘new’ flavors. I took help from this recipe, and made only minor changes here & there. Overall I pretty much followed the instructions.

Note to self: Ask Ma to prepare this the next time we meet.

Walk on water

We walked on water! Well, almost. At least we tried ;)

Today Mr. A & I drove to Ekerö, a 30 min drive out of Stockholm. The activity was at the Ekerö Marina,  arranged by AddWater. They have a whole array of water activities to choose from. We went for the waterball where they put you in a plastic ball, blow it up with air, zip it off, and throw it (with you still inside it, duh) into the water. Fun! It’s super tough to stand up or try to walk around in the ball. It’s all about balance. It was hilarious how we kept falling off trying to maintain equilibrium. We were absolutely pathetic at this, but nevertheless enjoyed the comic tragedy! We spent the rest of the day lazing around in the park. Today was a good day  :cool:

Summer traditions, Stockholm

There was so much fun stuff to do this weekend, it felt almost like vacation. It was time for three of Stockholm’s annual traditions. Each had a different flavor and I would have a hard time if I had to compare one with the other :)

First-up on Saturday, there was the Stockholm Zombie Walk 2015, an annual cosplay event where you can register to walk as a zombie. For those who do not want to be smeared with ketchup or other fake blood replacements, you can always track their route and get a good look at the creative make up. There is some gory imagery to be seen, some of the work is so impressive, it must take them a while to get the whole costume ready. Some make it a family outing, with kiddy zombies in tow; they are simply adorable! Photographers, both professional & amatuers, have a field day. I got some great shots from last year’s zombie walk, and was able to top it up with more ‘killer’ shots this time.

In the evening, there was another annual Stockholm tradition – the Midnattsloppet, or Midnight Run, a 10km run which hosted nearly 38,000 runners this year. That’s massive, no?! Mr.A made me super proud by being one of them ;) Before you ask, no, I’m not much of a runner myself, so I was one of the bystanders, cheering for those who did the real job! The atmosphere was carnival-like – different bands played at every kilometer milestone, onlookers cheered along the full circuit, there wwas even a masquerade team that ran in costumes. The night reminded me of a college festival where the air would be charged with energy. It was also very heartening to see the spirit of the runners, as they encouraged one another to keep going, some even slowing down their own pace and hold hands to spur a friend or partner.

Then on Sunday came the Bokbordet, proclaimed as the World’s Longest Book Stall. All along Stockhom’s busy Drottninggatan street,  booksellers line up tables and vend books of any genre under the sun. Still better, most of the books are really cheap, starting from 10 Sek, that’s €1.06 or $1.18 by today’s rate. Now, find me someone that doesn’t think that’s awesome! Although most of the books are second hand, I never complain since they are always in good condition. English or other foreign language books might be rarer than those in Swedish, but I have managed to find a handful of interesting titles every time. It’s been a tradition for Mr.A & me to check out the book stalls every year, ever since we arrived in Stockholm, so that’s four years in a row for us. The book fest does own a special corner somewhere in my heart <3

That was my fun weekend, how was yours?