Trios have shown up every now and then at Sunny District.

Like the time when I showed you my favorite photo of me and my sisters. Growing up as part of that trio was the best part of my childhood.

And last year I shared the story of how I managed to grow three herbs in my kitchen – basil, thyme and coriander. They lasted a while and made me so proud of my green thumb ;)


Then there were those three pretty bracelets I found at a trinket store. They had equally pretty names – Peace, Karma, Wisdom.

And more recently, I shared a one-line story of the three beer bottles I saw standing on a window sill in beautiful Faro: Two is company, three is a crowd.


I broke the trio theme by sharing four stories instead of three, I know, but hey, there’s fun in unpredictability, right?! Find out what other bloggers thought about this week’s prompt : Trio. Do hang around to browse through my previous contributions. Have a happy week ahead!

The quintessential autumn post

As the leaves glow orange & yellow and drop off the branches one by one, as  sunlight becomes miserly and rations itself out a little less every day, as the wind turns up its chill and shows a preview of winter just around the corner, nearly every blogger sits down and writes that quintessential autumn post… so, here comes mine :)

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