Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Hey friends, I’m jumping on to the weekly photo challenge wagon up at the Daily Post. I went through several of the previous challenges and it seems like a lot of fun. So here goes!


This picture was clicked from the ferry boat that took us from Den Helder, the northern tip of the North Holland peninsula, to Texel, a lovely little island with a beautiful sandy beach. We drove from Amsterdam to experience the Dutch countryside in a tight schedule of one day. The drive was exciting since a good friend who we met after two years had joined us on the road-trip. And the road to Texel was amazingly beautiful with lots of green fields, little towns scattered along the way, and the quintessential Dutch windmill, both the rustic and the modern kind. On the ferry we could look into the distance between the sea and sky, with the sun burning a silver-gold patch on the water through the clouds. I’ll share more pics from that trip another time, but for now, this click stands here for the weekly challenge. See you soon again!

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