Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

LayersRevealing sediments deposited on the surface of the earth, received and accepted over the ages. Demonstrating the strength of the ocean, which can carve out rocks with sheer perseverance. And manifesting the continuum of time, over which all things big and small will be created and then slowly eroded to be turned to dust.

I clicked these pictures during my stay in Australia a couple of years ago. The Great Ocean Road is an amazingly beautiful stretch of drive between Melbourne and Adelaide, with the ocean one side and patches of rain-forest on the other. The are many quaint towns on the way and many more breathtaking viewing points along the way. It’s the most beautiful road-trip I have ever been on and have great memories of. At the end of the road is a set of limestone rock formations called the Twelve Apostles, now only eight of them remaining due to heavy erosion.

27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

  1. I grew up within a hour’s drive, or so, of the Twelve Apostles and I was back there in January this year. Some of my first post were about the trip….and it never once entered my mind that these photos would make a good subject for the layers challenge.

    Your phots have done justice to Lochard Gorge, the Apostles and What once was London Bridge…now London Arch, I believe. Excellent.


  2. Hi Bipasha,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your photos are beautiful, the sky and the definition of the clouds really adds something 🙂


  3. Just found your blog, really enjoyed the “Unexpected” tiger post and now I found this! I lived in Adelaide for three years, and loved The Great Ocean Road drive and the Apostles. Thanks for the lovely pictures!


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