Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

¨Let there be light Now, where could that be more fitting than in a church, right?

Light seeping in through the stained glass windows at La Sagrada Família adds another ethereal dimension to this very unique church. Started in 1882, this massive architectural project with intricately carved facades and sculptured towers, is projected to be completed by the year 2026. That year will also mark the centennial of the death of its architect, Antoni Gaudí, who was pivotal in the growth of Modernism school of design and architecture. The building work continues to this day by the support of anonymous donations and ticket sales. It’s a design masterpiece and a must-see if you visit Barcelona. The official website has a wealth of information to help out visitors.

I’d love to hear what you think about my previous photo challenge entries, you can find them here!

29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

  1. Good photo for the challenge with lots of different color lighting. Does it seem a little distracting when you are at church. I know a lot of churches have stained glass windows but I’ve never seen this much in one place.


    • oh yes, it’s almost doesn’t feel like a church, but then again, I’m one that goes to churches to mostly look and admire 🙂


  2. How I wished to have visited it when I was Spain. Unfortunately, I was there for work and was too far for me to get there. Well thanks for a glimmer of La Sagrada. I’ve seen so many posts about, and I can tell why. Love the last pic the most


  3. I am eager to visit Sagrada Familia since studying it in school. Your pictures show a very colorful part of the church unlike the ones I’ve seen in books/magazines or the internet so far.
    I once read this book titled ‘Gaudi: The Life of a Visionary’ by J. Castellar Gasol. The book has some amazing details of the church. Your pictures would make it complete. 🙂

    Have you seen Antoni Gaudi’s other work- Casa Mila and the famous Park Guell? I would love to see them through your lens.

    Best wishes and regards,


    • Hi Sharayu,
      Been a while 🙂 I visited Barcelona again last month & saw some other Gaudi buildings. Truely fascinating! Did you get a chance to tour the city yet?


      • Hi! Wow, it’s little more than a year. I haven’t had the chance and time to travel since I got enrolled in busy academics. But yes, Barcelona is on my travel list. Thanks. 🙂


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