Ice Ice Baby!

Ice HotelJukkasjärvi is a short drive from the Kiruna city centre. Some quick snaps to share with you all. And some related posts, too.

18 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby!

  1. Your photos are great! A friend of mine was there a couple of weeks ago. Please tell me there is a beautiful spa next door with warm water pools and hot showers?


    • brrr! Kiruna was running as low as -35 ddegrees this January…does that sound familiar to you?! Although, thankfully it was a mere -5 when we were visiting.


      • That’s okay. I am glad to hear back from you. The competition is probably exciting for the designers, and the visitors to the ICEHOTEL get to enjoy the benefits of their work year after year. “Cool” . . . I get it! 😉

        Thanks for visiting my blog and liking “Living Bridges.” 🙂


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