Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Twist‘ brought to my mind this uniquely beautiful building, designed as though slowly turning around. Did someone tap you on the shoulder? Did you see something curious from the corner of the eye? Or are you turn round and round to the tune of your favorite melody?

Turning Torso, Malmö

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

  1. And I was wondering where I have seen this building! Of course in Malmo! Is this photo challenge organised by a blog? I would love to take part, it makes things more interesting 😀


  2. I am happy you got to see something in Malmö! Though some people are not very fond of Turning Torso. My daughter had to build a paper turning torso in psysics class when she went to primary school (age 12-15). She hated it!´
    But as a landmark it has certainly put Malmö on the map along with the Öresund bridge!
    But there is a little “old town” inside the canal and a medieval castle (hailing from the time when Malmö was a Danish town) as well!
    I hope you come back! Welcome! All the best from Sweden!


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