Strolling in Athens

The Plaka and Monastiraki neighborhoods in Athens have their own characteristic air. There are lots of cafes and restaurants where  one can spend hours over a tall glass of chilled frappe or fill themselves up with the delicious local cuisine. The many souvenir shops sell curious mementos, attractive garments and exotic pieces of art. Strolling around these streets hand in hand with my husband, no real goal or destination in mind, was one of the most relaxing part of my trip to Athens.

Ambling around

A rare combination

Take home a memento for your dear ones

In case you need a bag to carry those mementos, you’ll find a pretty one too

For the sweet tooth

A much-needed frappe break

I will definitely remember that meat platter for a long time, mmmm!

Back to strolling and shopping

A most colorful day

7 thoughts on “Strolling in Athens

  1. Lovely pictures! Maybe it was the times we were awake but we found Athens to be very empty! I’m glad that there are nice places like these to visit. Maybe another trip will change my mind.


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