Colorful Copenhagen

When I looked back through my album of Copenhagen from our road-trip earlier this year, what really popped out at me was the multicolored snapshots of the city. It is not just wall graffiti, as I shared in my accounts of street art in Barcelona, murals in Stockholm or graffiti in Athens, but there were several installations that makes this city so vibrant and brings together people in a special way. All the flowers seemed bright & happy in their full spring glory!

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And then there is Christiania, a self-proclaimed autonomous ‘region’ inside of Copenhagen which claims to be not a part of the EU, but is rather governed by its own Christiania Law of 1989. Visitors are gracefully allowed inside, but asked to be respectful of the citizens and not bother them by wielding cameras all over the place. There is food & drinks and knick-knacks you could buy, or simply walk around the streets and listen to people singing or playing musical instruments, or watch children play in charming DIY playpens. And of course, there is that undeniable whiff of weed in the air. It’s an extraordinary feeling inside, so atypical as though from a book or a movie, but unfortunately I don’t have pictures to help describe it. There are a few from the vicinity of the neighborhood, though.

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29 thoughts on “Colorful Copenhagen

    • It’s the Nyhavn waterfront area, so colorful and with great food places to hangout. Thanks for dropping by, Ayesha!


  1. Wow, the graffiti’ed areas are colorful, all right — but hardly resemble the Copenhagen I remember! The opening photos (lovely) much more so!
    Time never stands still —


  2. I never got to see Christiana when I went to Copenhagen because my Danish relatives were big skeptics about it. I’m glad to know you had a great experience there! I will have to try and make it again one day to see it myself


    • Hi Claire, I felt a bit on the guard myself before I ventured in, but if you mind your own business, they are really quite accepting of us ‘outsiders’. Hope you get a look yourself soon!


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