Zombie Apocalypse

Hoards of zombies spilling out of an underground metro station, slowly making their way to open spaces in a busy neighborhood. Walking their weird walk. Growling, snarling, barring teeth. Open wounds spewing gore, bloodshot eyes glaring down ‘humans’… This was the scene at the annual Stockholm Zombie Walk. As an onlooker, I was super impressed with so much creativity and the amount of hard work that must have gone into the costumes and the make-up. I had a great time getting some very interesting photos.

You know what could be even more of an adventure? A Zombie Walk at night. Perhaps next year?!


IMG_4903IMG_4905IMG_4897 IMG_4908 IMG_4912 IMG_4913 IMG_4919 IMG_4922 IMG_4923 IMG_4933 IMG_4936 IMG_4957 IMG_4961 IMG_4965 IMG_4975

15 thoughts on “Zombie Apocalypse

    • Hi Kelly, u know they were all completely committed with every aspect of the act, it was really good to watch.


  1. Freaky ideas; that girl with a hand in mouth! Fascinating. Thanks for sharing! It was indeed quite entertaining for my colleagues to watch me gaze at the screen jaw dropped 😛


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