Photo Challenge: Adventure!

The ultimate adventure you ask? But of course, a free fall from the sky!

I’ll soon write a detailed account of my skydiving experience. Meanwhile you can read about more of my adventures and take a look at the previous photo challenge entries.

Update: As I promised, you can also read about this thrilling experience!

18 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Adventure!

  1. An adventure up in the air, how fun! The jump and experience of a lifetime. That’s definitely a very clear shot of you in the air, and you actually look very happy. Can’t tell if you’re afraid of heights, if you are 🙂

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    • Hi Vonn, the instructors had one of those small GoPro cameras that can be strapped to the wrist. The resolution wasn’t that great, but we got to capture those moments in the air, so I got nothing to complain 🙂


      • oh, and the gadget he is looking at in the shot, that’s an altimeter…you see, there is a certain minimum height from the ground at which the parachute must be pulled open…thought you’d like to know 🙂


  2. Wow.. It’s been in my bucket list for so long. I decided last week I need to do this before I turn 30 🙂 That is next year, thank god 😉


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  4. This picture looks so thrilling!

    The picture of the day thing brought me here and wow glad it did 🙂


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