Ghostly signals

Remember when I spotted a traffic sign made up to resemble a stylish girl? Well, it seems like these signs are quite the canvas for creative people. I discovered this skeleton guy on one of them. Perfect for this time of the year, what with Halloween just around the corner. Now I am constantly on the lookout for more quirky ideas around town 😉

Side A

Side B

5 thoughts on “Ghostly signals

  1. Härlig makeover på skyltar! För mig är den skylten för alltid förknippad med en barnsång som alla barn fick lära sig när man gick i trafikskola (för att lära sig hur man skulle göra i trafiken).

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    • 😀 haha, what a funny pillow-dance! Thanks for sharing Annakarin, although I need to sharpen my Swedish skills before I can understand the whole of the song 😉


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