Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent


That’s one helluva drop! This snap was taken from the apartment window of a friend who so graciously hosted us on a visit to Hong Kong a couple of years ago. I can’t remember for sure which floor this was but as you can figure, it is surely a good way above the ground! Here’s how other bloggers interpreted this week’s photo challenge prompt: Descent.

On a side note, I was pretty fascinated by Hong Kong’s high rise buildings also called tower blocks. They do liken to Lego towers from a distance. See what I mean?

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17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

    • Thanks Sheri, I know which one you are talking about…it seems incredible how it’s balancing itself! My friends described it as the ‘pencil building’. Quite apt, right?


  1. Love your interpretation of this week’s challenge. Eeep. Everytime I look outside of the window of a high rise building, my heart drops and my head spins a little – descent right there 😀 That is a great Lego-like shot of the buildings in HK. They certainly look identical alright, and so close together. So easy to get lost in such a dense city.

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    • hey Mabel, yes they are overwhelmingly close to each other. I guess that comes from being such a popular city to live in while there is only so much land to put up apartments & offices on…


    • Hej Annakarin, there’s a lot of fun stuff to see & do in HK, don’t miss the chance to visit if you get one. Besides, there’s a lot of open waters, if you like that 🙂


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