Must eat in Madrid

Remember that time I told you about binging in Barcelona? Well, I have resolved – when in Spain, just focus on the eating. I confess I am a foodie and I’ve found my match in Mr.A! When we travel we like to get a taste of the local cuisine, and Spain in particular never disappoints us. On a recent weekend getaway to Madrid we treated ourselves to the must-eat trio of Spanish cooking.

What trio, you say?

#1 Paella

#2 Churros with Hot Chocolate

#3 Tapas

P.S. Special mention to Sangria, of course!


11 thoughts on “Must eat in Madrid

  1. Nice pictures!
    Try Salmorejo next time. It’s an andalusian speciality, kind of a creamy gazpacho, very rich. There is a couple of excellent places in Madrid to try it!


  2. Yeeee…First thing I had when I was in Madrid was Paella. It looks so amazing with red wine. Churros is another big things there. I had it with hot chocolate coffee. And guess what, in that particular shop, they had Darjeeling tea as well 😉

    Beautiful photos.


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