Angular, to a T

The Scandic Victoria Tower is a skyscraper hotel in the Kista district of Stockholm, Sweden resembles the letter ‘T’. Skyscrapers being so rare in Stockholm, it is visible from quite a distance from the approaching highways & the mosaic glass facade makes it a gorgeous sight, both in the day and at night. At a height of 117m, this hotel is the tallest building in Stockholm, as well as the tallest hotel in Scandinavia. It is named for Crown Princess Victoria, the heir apparent to the Swedish throne.

Check out what other bloggers are responding to ‘Angular‘, this week’s prompt for the Photo Challenge at the Daily Post. Take a look at my previous contributions & leave me a nice message, I’d love to know what you think!

11 thoughts on “Angular, to a T

    • It is, right Tom? They have a regulation about the max height of buildings in Stockholm, even more so near the city center where there are several 3-5 story buildings from the last couple of centuries. The city planners want to preserve the old-world charm, though you would be surprised how well advanced they are from the inside. It’s a very pleasant feeling of new-meets-old 🙂


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