For the love of a good read

You like books? I like you already! Reading is one of my passions. I have been an avid reader for as long as I remember. Books take me away on a journey through time & distance, into unknown situations, exploring possibilities, identifying with characters… Over the years I have realized I like fiction better than all other forms of literature. Although I can speak at least 3 languages fluently, unfortunately, I can comprehend reading only 2, and enjoy mostly reading books in just the 1 – English. But the world of English fiction itself is so vast and varied that it’s almost overwhelming! Also, work & keeping house & lalala doesn’t make it easy to catch up on the book lying on the bedside table. Enter: Goodreads to the rescue! For the past four years I have been taking up the Goodreads Reading Challenge. Beginning of every year this lets you set a goal on the number of books you’d like to read in the next 12 months. For me it’s a personal goal, like a new year’s resolution & one that I actually want to achieve. You could of course, also share your challenge with friends & check up on them from time to time. Take a look at their stats, you’ll see that the challenge has caught on quite a bit.

So there’s still some of December left & I have happily lapped up my goal of 15 books this year. I know some people can make it to much more & I seriously envy them, but at the same time I feel great with my progress. And who knows, with the holiday season coming up, I might just squeeze in another beloved book till the year is up! Here’s what I have been up to this year. Do you find any of your favorites in there?


10 thoughts on “For the love of a good read

  1. Jag har läst en hel del av samma böcker. Böcker och att läsa betyder mycket för mig och jag har alltid läst mycket för min son som nu har samma bokberoende som mig.
    Två av mina favoritförvattare är Terry Pratcher och Michael Connelly.


  2. This is great,I also took the reading challenge on Goodreads and my initial goal was 15 too,but I completed it soon and increased that to 20.I am done with that too and it’s been great.
    Amongst your collection I also read Angels and Demons this year. Happy Reading 🙂


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