Sara Woodrow’s 2015 Calendar

I don’t think it’s too late to share a new year’s calendar, is it? At least not this one!

Sharing is caring, they say. So here’s a link to download a beautiful 2015 calendar from artist Sara Woodrow, which she is generously giving away for free. The months  are in Swedish but the names are not wildly different from those in English. I am absolutely smitten by Sara’s art.  You will agree she has a unique style of her own. Her illustrations could be whimsical & strong, eluding & direct, all at the same time. I also love that women often form the central theme of her works and she always manages to bring forth the singular charm of each of her characters. She has recently collaborated with Kosta Boda, a Swedish glassware & art glass company that dates back from 1742!

Check out Sara’s blog, instagramwebshop.

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