Have you met Järnpojken?

Have you chanced upon Jarnpojken on a tour around Gamla Stan, the old town in Stockholm? Jarnpojken, the Iron Boy, is a tiny iron figure of a boy sitting down, hugging his knees close. He sits in the yard behind the Finnish Church in Gamla Stan. Like most kids, he is extremely cute, although a very quiet one. He might be a little lonely, sitting there all by himself, looking up at the moon, but visitors & tourists always make him feel special by bringing him presents of coins, candy, flowers and sometimes even hand-knit beanies to keep him safe from the cold!

Find your way to the Finnish Church by following this link on Google Maps. Although an obscure point to place a piece of art, it’s one of those offbeat spots that will definitely make you smile.

11 thoughts on “Have you met Järnpojken?

    • Maybe you can bring him one of your amazing jewelry pieces, Gunilla! Only, it should be tiny & boyish 🙂


      • That would be nice! Perhaps a simple chain for around his neck, with a small pendant that says “thanks” (in Swedish “tack”). Hm, a nice, tiny idea to think about…


        • Isn’t that a wonderful idea 🙂 If you do this, then please do blog about it, cos I would surely love to know about it.


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