Cosy holiday home

We stayed at a lovely holiday home during our visit to Öland a few weekends ago. It’s called Pensionat Lantgarden STF hostel Hagaby.

The rooms are done up in soothing tones of white & blue. Low ceilings make them extra cozy.

There is a fully equipped kitchen where we could prepare our own breakfast.

A kid-friendly place, there are toys & books for children to borrow, & bikes to rent for all ages. There is even pre-hacked firewood for the dining-room fireplace which makes it especially snug in the evenings.

The grounds are especially pretty with early spring flowers dotting the green grass.

The owner, Stefan, was extremely amiable & helpful, engaging in conversation and sharing tips for activities and sights. Plus he has a beautiful golden retriever who loves to play!

Overall, this place is highly recommended for a peaceful & comfortable retreat, away from the bustle of the city. I’ll tell you more in another post about what we did in Öland.

5 thoughts on “Cosy holiday home

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