Not-my-job attitude

I don’t like to preach, but once in a while I come across a negative exhibition of attitude that seriously bugs me and then I start to rant 😡 Like now. I mean, just now, 10 mins ago, I walked into the kitchenette in the office to find the sink overflowing with used mugs and cups and glasses. There is not one, but two full-sized dishwashers and both were full of clean crockery. Obviously, the persons who left their stuff in the sink, thought it’s ‘not my job’ to load/unload these dishwashers, so why don’t I just discard my cup right here in the sink so that somebody whose ‘job’ it is will eventually come by and do so.

Fun fact though, it is supposed to be a ‘collective responsibility‘ to keep the kitchenette clean & tidy. Everyone at this office knows this, or at least, is expected to know so. We do have some staff who take care of it on most days, but Sweden is generally low of staff suring the summer months. And honestly, how much effort does it really take if each person took their own responsibility seriously? For the sake of those who want to feign ignorance, somebody (who was thinking one the same lines as I am) even put up a flow diagram!

Coudn’t be clearer, right? Apparently, not everyone gets it, though. *Sigh*

Of course, there wasn’t much else that I could do, so I just followed the instructions… unloaded one dishwasher, loaded the other one with the general public’s dirty dishes, and started the cycle. And you know what, it felt good 🙂 To perform my good deed of the day. And also, to rail about it here 😉 I feel much better, now that I have vented out the feeling on you patient listeners. Thank you for listening!

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