Color story : Prayer

Prayer is the ultimate cure for worry.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~William James

Prayer beads found at the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey


A church door in Melbourne, Australia


Prayer threads and bangles offered at the Nizammuddin Dargah, Delhi, India


Candles lit in the Catedral-Barri Gòtic, Barcelona, Spain

14 thoughts on “Color story : Prayer

  1. Thats beautiful!
    Sometimes i wonder, when we pray every minute in our lives why go to temple/mosque/church/gurudwara/any other spirtual place?
    And then when i actually go those place i understand, feeling of spirituality and the peace to place all our wishes upon our faith is what makes these places worth every visit.

    These pics arevreally beautiful 🙂

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