Eye spy

Those eyes! They seems to draw you in…

In case you missed it, this pretty belle used to be on Sunny District‘s header for quite a while; she looks like my kinda girl 😉




I love spotting & capturing street art during my travels. They tell you a parallel stotr about the city. I’ll tell you more about the murals that she is part of, but you’ll have to wait a while for that. Soon, soon… Meanwhile, why don’t you go back to my older photo challenge entries, I’d love to know your opinion about them 🙂 I also do my own I spy series on this blog, don’t think it’s a fun topic?

Update: As promised, here’s the story of the graffiti!

14 thoughts on “Eye spy

  1. I see you stopped by to have a read, I thought I could return the opportunity. Happened to hit graffiti, which is what got me started in blogging, however I’ve deleted thisoldtoad so those posts are gone…

    hugs chris

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  2. I am not usually much into street art.. unless it is really stunning and colourful! Just like the one you took, so vibrant ! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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