Street art in Stockholm

Following up from my previous post about Stockholm graffiti, here is the story of project ‘Slussen Restart’ that my pretty girl was a part of… Slussen, in central Stockholm is all set for a facelift. Of the many changes that are underway, Kolingsborg, which acted as the canvas for the said street art, was recently demolished. Now Stockholm has a pretty strict stand against graffiti, but Kolingsborg proved to be an exception. Some renowned spray artists were invited to create their magic on the historic building before it was torn down. The remodelling project has faced some protests, too, from citizens who do not support the changes. I have not read much about this myself, so I will refrain from commenting on the reasons. You can read more about Slussen Restart here and here! I also enjoyed watching these videos from the project – when the building was painted white to prepare the canvas and the other one showing the project in progress. And of course, I had to go see it for myself and click some pictures before it was all gone…

There’s more street art on Sunny District, from AthensBarcelona & Copenhagen! Wish you an awesome week ahead 🙂

21 thoughts on “Street art in Stockholm

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    • Hey Andreas, I so agree with you on this, walking around this building gave me a great feeling, as though there was so much to listen to from the stories the colours wanted to say…
      Thank you for your kind comment!

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    • Exactly! But that is somehow also the reason that this piece of art & expression will be remembered for a longer time, don’t you think?


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  4. Thank you! I love street art. Your post is inspiration for post #60 on my photo a day blog. It is scheduled for the 28th Dec and linked back to you. Please keep an eye out!

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    • Thanks Stef, it really was a thing of beauty 🙂 Unfortunately, the building was torn down soon after I took these photos but it went down in full glory, don’t you think?

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      • yup, bit still a pity.If you visit my city(Oostende, belgium),you can find a lot of street art(last 2 years we had a street art festival), and in the contract with the owners of the house(wall) is written: don’t touch the wall for 2 years, no overpaint, no demolish… .

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        • oh that’s a really good way to preserve art. On the contrary, in this case, Stockholm city officials had already planned to bring down the building to make way for a major roadways project. So they invited skilled artists to paint over the walls, sort of honoring the old structure and giving it a fitting farewell 🙂 I’m just glad I captured these photos in time… my little piece of history ^_^

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