Kulturnatten / Stockholm Culture Night

Last Saturday Stockholm celebrated Kulturnatten, the annual Culture Night, when several cultural venues, events and activities are opened up to the public from 18:00 to 24:00. The program boasts of dance workshops, film viewings, photo  & art exhibitions, theatre & opera visits,  among others. And the best part? All free of charge! Mr.A and I went on a spree, enjoying our evening to the fullest. Here’s where we went…

Pitstop #1: Tessinska Palatset & Barouque Gardens. We started at Gamla Stan where the residence of the Governor of Stockholm County invited visitors to view its beautiful rooms and barouque gardens. We returned later again to this place as there was a guided tour of the rooms scheduled for 22:30 in the night.


Pitstop #2: Storkyrka or the Great Cathedral in Gamla Stan has been around since 1264. We were lucky to catch a harmonious piano recital, perfectly befitting the serene atmosphere of the church.

Pitstop #3: Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities showcases two sculpture galleries at the Royal Palace. It is one of the oldest museums in Europe,  opened since 1794. These stone figures are displayed today exactly as they were back in the day. The galleries themselves are quite charming, complete with Romanesque pillars, arched roofs and checkered floors.

Pitstop #4: For our next stop we moved to the island of Djurgarden, to the Spritmuseum and the Absolut Art Collection. The museum is housed in an old wooden building by the pier and a drink by the water quite a welcoming option. The art collection was intriguing in itself, each being  collaboration with some artist famous in their own right, ranging from Andy Warhol to Keith Haring to Kenny Scharf.

Pitstop #5: Biologiska Museet was next on the list. This, too, is housed in an ancient looking wooden building. The intricately carved door has always fascinated me, and the interiors impressed me too. The two-storeyed montage of taxidermied animals against a Scandinavian landscape is a great scene for children to learn from. A century-old family of grizzlies is a cool sight too!

Pitstop #6: The Royal Opera building in itself is so amazing. And if you get to not only walk around its gilded halls but also see a show in the main hall for free, that’s what I call a real treat! Perfect ending to our fun night in the city 🙂

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