Weekly Photo Challenge : Rare

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I was out running in the woods behind my place this evening. What a rare treat to sight this beauty, so cautious in its curiosity, ready to spring off if I made one false move. Our eyes locked for a few moments and she allowed me to steal a quick snap before we both took off on our separate ways…

I’d love to know your story about a rare moment like this. You may like more from the Weekly Photo Challenge on Sunny District!

118 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Rare

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  2. Seeing this I tried to find peace by opening the window. All I feel is the sound of engines, smell of carbon and colors of people. So I settled for a wallpaper with trees and flowers. Maybe in 22nd century people find nature and peace in their wallpapers. Anyway that’s a very nice picture thank you for sharing.

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  3. We have some friends who were taking newborn pictures, and a couple of deer came out of the woods! They are amazing animals!

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  6. Thank you for sharing this, being an avid nature lover I have had similar experiences, never to be forgotten.


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