Street art in Reykjavik


A few weeks ago, I went on an awe-inspiring road-trip through Iceland with Mr.A and two of our closest friends in Stockholm. Although it will take me a while to recount all those breath-taking views and experiences we shared along the way, let me start with Reykjavik, our port of entry & exit. Like I do on all my trips, I tried to capture the spirit of the city through its vibrant street art. At least a few years ago, the authorities in Reykjavik were not very supportive of this form of art. Not sure where they stand now, but I was happy to find a lot of color along Laugavegur, Reykjavik’s hep main street, leading up to the beautiful harbor area of Gamla Höfn. Take a look 🙂


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28 thoughts on “Street art in Reykjavik

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  3. Hi there and great to meet you via our respective blog posts on street art. Reykjavik looks very cool indeed. Thanks for sharing the images through this post. Cheers from Bunbury, Western Australia!

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    • Hallo there, very nice to meet you too 😊 I lived in Melbourne for a while a few years ago, and travelled in the east quite a bit, but never got a chance to go as far as Burnbury… Melbourne also has some very cool street art around Degraves Street, have you been?

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    • Couldn’t agree more with that! It makes me so happy to talk about those beautiful days…Thanks for the lovely chat 😀


    • hi Anne, super sorry for the late reply (almost a year, what! )but I remember checking out your post 🙂 These colorful walls just lift my spirits, don’t you agree?!


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