My ever thirsty wanderlust has brought me to Venice, Italy this weekend. It’s true there’s no place like Venice! Where are you headed?

30 thoughts on “Wanderlust 

    • hi Gale, Venice should be on everybody’s list! I’m glad I could give you a sneak peak. Hope you get there really soon, I’d love to see your pictures then 🙂

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    • oh Brian, but I didn’t! You should have seen the sheer numbers, it was like a sea of people, and it’s only the beginning of May 😮 I plan to go there in the winter next time, for there surely will be a next time 😉

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      • Went to Venice 20 years ago, it was already crowded. You are right: winter is probably best. (One of my cousins rents a house in Venice every summer. He says that once you avoid the main streets, you are fine.)


  2. Venice has to be on every travellers list. And you got beautiful pictures. While you were wandering in real Venice, I was wandering in the mini Venice – Venitian hotel in Las Vegas. This hotel is the mini replica of real Venice with Marks Square, canals, Gondola ride n more.

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      • Hi Bipasha. No, I haven’t yet, but I would love to! Ever since I read “the merchant of Venice ” I want to go to Venice. All these masks for masquerade and the water lanes remind me of how beautiful it is!


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