The lush bougainvillea guards its corner. Roots and flowers spilling over its limits, but still standing tall. A gorgeous and proud being…


Picture taken while ambling along the streets of Faro, Portugal.

19 thoughts on “Corner

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  2. Hi Bipasha. A professor in Botany mentioned on a radio program that you can treat a bougainvillea bad (i.e. it doesn’t really need feeding and special soil) and it will still love you and flower amazingly. In South Africa we also have amazing bougainvilleas, your example is quite amazing having its roots exposed (I suppose that confirms its hardiness). Nice photo!


    • You are?! I’d love to meet you both 🤗 Are you having a good time? What did you see so far? 😃 How’s the weekend plan looking?


      • We are leaving on Saturday so only have tomorrow to see you. I hope we can. We are staying close to Farsta. Went for a run earlier and got so lost, it took us hours to get back so we didn’t see much today. Just walked around the city. What are your plans for tomorrow?


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