All Saints’ Day at Skogskyrkogården


Skogskyrkogården, Stockholm’s Woodland Cemetery is a serene patch of green in the heart of the city. It is a place of remembrance, a place to take a pause, and think back upon loved ones. Graves and tombstones line up by the thousands under the soft shade of pine trees. The landscape is peaceful in itself. The architecture of the five unique chapels align completely with the tranquil environment. Everyone is welcome to visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site and take in the placid surroundings at their own time and in a respectful manner. This place is beautiful any time of the year, but if it were possible to say so, a few degrees even higher on the evening of All Saint’s Day or Allhelgonadag on the 4th of September. This evening, following a time-honored tradition, hundreds come to the cemetery and light a candle in memory of a dear departed soul. You hear meditative music from organs of one of the chapels. Many people leave behind souvenirs, flowers and letters, all made with love and remembrance. Even if you personally don’t have a loved one resting in peace at Skogskyrkogården, a visit on this evening can be quite a humbling experience.


4 thoughts on “All Saints’ Day at Skogskyrkogården

  1. Lovely post. Full of lights. 🙂
    Strange that their All Saints should be on Sept 4th. Must be a Protestant thing.
    For Catholics, All Saints day is on November 1st. And the Day of the dead on Nov 2nd.


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