Travel checklist : 2017

It’s no secret, we at Sunny District LOVE to travel. Couldn’t have stressed that any more, could I?! We have an endless list of must-go places and we are going about checking them off one at a time. Early each year, we scout the calendar for long weekends and bank holidays attempting to max out on all available opportunities. We match the available dates with the places on our wishlist and look for the best match of dates against cheap flights. It’s worked out pretty well for us to plan & book ahead this way. For the last couple of years, I have been publishing a travel round up of all the places Mr.A and I visited during the year. Do you remember these? Go ahead, take a look 🙂

Travel checklist : 2015

Travel checklist : 2016

Thrice in a row means a tradition, doesn’t it? So here comes the 3rd installment in Sunny District’s traditional travel round-up series! It’s a ten on ten 💯 😀

  1. Vienna and Salzburg, Austria
  2. Venice, Italy
  3. St.Petersburg, Russia
  4. Paris, France
  5. Gdansk and Sopot, Poland
  6. Aiya Napa and Paphos, Cyprus
  7. Ljubljana, Bled and Slovenia’s coastal towns
  8. London, England
  9. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
  10. Kyiv/ Kiev, Ukraine

I’d love to hear about the amazing places you discovered this year! Have you been to any of the ones we visited? What did you think of them? Was there something that pleasantly surprised you or was there anything that did not live up to your expectations? I’m so curious to know! Let’s get talking in the comments 🙂

Bipasha 🤗

9 thoughts on “Travel checklist : 2017

    • I love the Old Town in Salzburg ❤ And the view from the top of the castle is really nice!
      Thanks for dropping by, even when you are visiting all those other amazing places, Patagonia and Argentina must be so wonderful 😀

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  1. Similar to your 2017 list, I’ve been to Italy (Rome, Bologna, Florence, Pisa and a small town called Prato), Paris, London and Dubai myself. They were all nice experiences! I didn’t get to explore Florence a lot though. And I still can’t forget how expensive Dubai is. I always enjoy London because of family and friends.

    Italy was my 2017 discovery and I was definitely taken aback at how little english they spoke. My surprise was due to my own lack of research but it was an enjoyable experience, especially Rome!


    • How fun that we have been in the same places, perhaps at the same time, who knows! I have been to Italy thrice now, and I know there’s a good reason why it’s so popular 🙂 Rome is definitely special. I haven’t been to Bologna or Pisa, but I did go to Cinque Terre and Luca, both places I fell in love with for different reasons. I’ll remember your tips, and you can take mine, for our respective next visits to Italy 🎉

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    • Hi Darshana,
      Thank you so much!! I use an iPhone 6, and usually use their inbuilt filters. Mr.A just bought a new Pixel phone which is supposed to have the best phone camera these days, plus a Moment lens to go with it, so I’m hoping there will be nice pictures soon on the blog 😉 Hang out a while longer, won’t you?

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      • Oh that’s nice! I’ve also heard that the camera quality in the new Pixel phone is amazing. Im sure you guys will have fun taking pictures with it. I will surely check out more posts and you can also drop by my site and say hi, anytime you like. Take care!


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