Amsterdam with kids

Last April we went for a long weekend to Amsterdam. Mr.A and I had been there a few years ago to meet up with friends. We had had a great time browsing art at the Rijksmuseum, walking the streets, bridges & canals following an audio tour by our favorite – Rick Steves & getting a glimpse of the happening night life. A solemn experience was the visit to the Anne Frank house. We could say we had covered most of the significant features of the beautiful city but had majorly missed out on the legendary tulips at Keukenhof. Plus, we wanted to experience Amsterdam with LittleA this time & hoped to still love it. & still love it, we did 🙂

Keukenhof Gardens

This was spring and the gardens were in full bloom. Flowers everywhere! It was a joy to be there and take in all the beauty. Even though LittleA was just a few months over three, we can see the tulips made an impact on her too as every time Amsterdam comes up within her earshot, she is sure to mention tulips or garden 🙂 So cool that we could make a beautiful early memory together for her to cherish.

The Upside Down

This is a must see, not only if you are into social media like Instagram or Tiktok, but also if you love quirky, unusual things. A lot of fluorescent colors, neon lights, illusions, funky mirrors, an entire swimming pool full of plastic balls, a walk-in closet with a wardrobe full of flashy clothes to play dress-up, half of an airplane, yeah the list goes on! The cafe is a cute place to sit down too, with a bunch of equally snap-worthy colorful sandwiches. We sure smiled a lot & took way too many pictures 😀


We stayed at the Novotel Hotels which was right across this park so we took a stroll expecting to simply find some greenery & open spaces but pleasantly surprised by the extras we found. A little open train chugged along and for 3euros a ride, took us around the park at a leisurely pace. We then came by a petting zoo and a mini amusement section for the kids, complete with a merry-go-round, a toy-train for children, a set of toy cars & lots of bubbles, ice cream and cotton candy. Could one ask for more?!

Canal Cruise

We took a canal cruise to catch a different perspective of the city. It was a balmy afternoon, lazy sunshine and the quiet laps of water accompanied a gentle audio guide onboard pointing out buildings & landmarks of significance. Very pleasant indeed. On the other hand, the banks were alive with action, people had come out in droves, also to enjoy the sun, but mostly with a beer in hand. We even saw a bunch of people fishing out a bike from the water!

Never say never!

Sooooo, it’s been a while, right?! A while, in this case has been only just about 1239 days, or 3 years, 4 months & 20 days, or 40 months & 20 days! Yep, that was how long ago I wrote the last blog post. And as days went by, I started considering my blog, which had brought me so much joy in the past, as, well, a thing of the past. But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the time between then and now (for a whole list of reasons that I won’t go into right away) it is this – Never say never!

Picking up right where I left off – LittleA is a whopping 50 months now! Not so little any more, huh. Yep, I know, I know, you stop counting your baby’s age by months at some point but not today, this is a milestone 🤩

There – revival blog post done 😀 I will go back to filling this diary called Sunny District with stories of travel, fun, inspiration, life, family, and anything else that comes up, as I go along. We’ll see where this chapter takes me, but today I start again. Hope you’ll come along for the ride!

Month#7 with LittleA

At seven months, this mini-muffin has started to babble so much, can’t wait to start talking it seems! She loves mirrors and a game of peek-a-boo brings lots of laughter. She enjoys grabbing at mum’s hair and feels the need to taste all her toys 😀 We can’t wait to see what’s coming next, as they say the following months are going to be a development spree. So let’s do this, little one!