DIY Wall art

I was scouting the internet for some inspiration to paint a canvas that had been lying around the apartment for a while. All I knew was that it was supposed to be black & white & abstract. That’s quite a wide specification, I know. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon Ayisha’s post about her DIY wall art. Thank you, Ayisha, for the inspiration ūüôā Just some swirls of black paint, and ta-da! we have something new to put up on the walls. I might use this as a prototype to make a bigger one next time. Or I’ll just go scouting again, the internet is a superb place for inspiration, isn’t it?!
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The coffee table story

When we moved into our first home two years ago, Mr.A. and I got some basic IKEA furniture to get things going. Dressing up our home has been such a¬†fulfilling journey together. We still own most of those pieces, but some of them have gone through a transformation of sorts. Our coffee table, for instance, was the most basic design¬†possible from IKEA’s¬†‘Lack’ series.

I came across hundreds of blogs featuring DIY projects on pieces from that series in particular. I reckon they come so cheap, there is no risk of feeling a loss, even if your project were to go totally kaput. We gave ours a face-lift by adding a dark wood top. Buying palettes from the local hardware store and coating them with varnish, we then screwed three of them parallel to each other to get a renewed table top. One can see the grain of the wood through the varnish, and I love the rustic, earthy look. We also removed the lower shelf to give it a lighter, more airy feel. We were super pleased how it turned out. As we kept searching for a new one to replace it, one that we both love and agree upon, in the meantime we enjoyed our little project very well!

FullSizeRender (4)

Last weekend we finally found a new coffee table,¬†also from IKEA. Actually it’s a set of two tables. Best part about it? Mr.A and I both¬†love it ūüėÄ

Aim for my heart

I quite¬†enjoy refreshing the¬†wall art hanging about our living room. What’s easier than making some yourself, right? Remember this one¬†that I made for my bathroom a couple of years ago? This new one says ‘Aim for my heart’ and has some cute¬†arrows in gold, silver and black.

Birthday coupons for Mr.A

It’s birthday season again! Mr.A turned a year older & wiser on 9th Nov. and as usual I got kinda¬†crazy with ideas about how to make it special this time around ūüėÄ I usually knock myself out¬†making him fun & absolutely useless things for his birthday, and am thrilled how he loves them, too. Heehee, it’s the silly things that tell you how perfect your are for each other!

I have been wanting to make him some personalized¬†coupons for a while now. I thought about it last Valentine’s day but a birthday is as good an occasion as any.

I used the pixlr express app that I have downloaded on my ¬†Chrome browser. It’s a great app for quick picture editing and I use it quite often¬†on¬†my blog. I took a blank .jpg file as the base. I wanted to apply a similar look for all my coupons but with different colors. I also wanted¬†to keep it simple &¬†sober. Browsing though¬†the various looks I arrived at background -> ink -> blackfive. Adding some text, I came to¬†this¬†template that I used for all the coupons, applying different filters to change the background color. Next I added some fun freebies for Mr.A to redeem at will.

I added a bolder border before printing them out, then cut them out, punched a hole in the top-left corner of each & stringed them through a piece of ribbon. Done! Try this fun idea for a dear one, you could allow your imagination to choose any kind of treat. Btw, Mr.A loved this gift Рsuccess, yeahh!

Twinkly bottle

An empty corner in the room waiting for that little something to spruce it up.

A shapely old wine bottle which I just couldn’t bring myself to throw away into the recycle bin.

A string of twinkly lights lying around in the spare drawer.

Throw them together, and presto! What do we have? A twinkly bottle! I had seen these on the internet several times and always wanted to make one for myself. I’m loving the patterns caused by the randomness of the tiny lights stuffed into a long, closed space. That’s how you prove to your husband that saving trash sometimes always pays off!