Anniversary Teppanyaki

Two words, but quite a mouthful, right?! See how punny I am ūüėČ So tried out the new teppanyaki restaurant in town, Budda Khan at the Mall of Scandinavia, Stockholm. Mr.A had had teppanyaki before when he was in the U.S. & he was so eager for me to try it. Lucky for us, the joint opened its teppanyaki section just in time for our¬†anniversary, our 6th year as a wedded couple, yes, time flies!¬†As is common at this kind of grill, we shared the table with two other couples. They were such happy souls, the best strangers I could have asked to share our evening with. We ordered king prawns, scallops and rib eye, all prepared with flourish right before us. Seeped in garlicky goodness with flavours of soya, vinegar and some special sauces, each dish was a pleasant surprise. The dinner¬†was accompanied by a fresh mango-rucola salad, some mixed fried rice and a velvety green tea ice-cream served on a bed of fried plantain. The food was absolutely delicious, but of course, half the fun was also watching the ‘show’ being presented by our¬†super friendly Chinese chef. If you haven’t tried it yet, I do recommend going to a teppanyaki restaurant, where dining is supposed to¬†be a complete experience.¬†


P.S. This post shares my own opinion of the restaurant and is not an advertisement.

Breakfast in a jar

I’ve never been a morning person. Which makes my breakfast habits kinda erratic. On good days I might be able to sit down with a bowl of cereal, but most days I am running out the door with a cookie in my hand. Digestive, not chocolate chip, heh heh ūüėČ Sometimes I buy a¬†¬†sandwich or a yogurt, but I can’t say that it’s¬†a habit.

The other day when I bought a yogurt cup, I thought, ‘I could do that myself’. And the next thought was, ‘Well, why don’t I?!’

Feeling inspired I Googled ‘breakfast in a jar recipes’ and found so many interesting articles like¬†this one and that one. Great thing is I don’t¬†need to be a pro at this – basically fruit layered with yogurt layered with nuts layered with cereals. I can rattle off a list of options to choose from –¬†oats, granola, regular cereals, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, frozen fruit, frozen berries, honey, seeds, jams, jellies and what-not. The possibilities are endless, and I¬†can tailor this to whatever I feel for on that day. Or the night before, in case I do the overnight version. No more missing breakfast!

  Yogurt, melon, honey, sunflower seed, flax seed, nuts, raisins, dry oats.

Frozen  fruit, yogurt, nuts, golden raisins, oats, granola.

Yogurt, jam, nuts, banana slices, granola.

 Kvarg, sunflower seeds, fried figs, oats.

True to my roots

I cooked a true blue Bengali dish today. “Lau Chingri” or bottle gourd/ opo squash/ long melon with shrimps.

For those who grew up in a Bengali household, this dish wouldn’t be an uncommon name. However, I’m no pro at the proper stuff that my mother and grandmother create as if by magic. So I sorta patted myself on the back upon tasting the result. As for Mr.A, he had never heard of the combination but nevertheless enjoyed the ‘new’ flavors. I took help from this recipe, and made only minor changes here & there. Overall I pretty much followed the instructions.

Note to self: Ask Ma to prepare this the next time we meet.

Keep your cool!

Keep your cool this summer with some infused water. I gave it a shot with bits of strawberries and strips of cucumbers, allowing the fruit to sit in a bottle of water for a few hours to get their flavors out. Super refreshing!

I am surely going to try out¬†a few more flavors. Perhaps lemons, oranges, basil, mint, or a combination of these. What’s your go-to drink this summer?