It snowed again. & a lot!

Didn’t they say it was time for spring? I guess they changes their minds, ’cause it snowed again in Stockholm this week. & a lot! Although it’s been quite cold these days, this white wonderland is a much more welcome view than the dreary grey days between winter and spring. No complaints here đŸ€—


Color Story : Blue

Sky. Ocean. Teal. Berry. Sapphire. Azure. Aegean. Peacock. Cobalt. Denim. Navy… Picture each of these, and a random collection of words will quickly transform into vivid and evocative names for various shades of Blue.


Sunny, happy day. Santorini, Greece


Calcutta Trams, running since 1902. Kolkata, India.


Chunks of glacier ice floating on a lagoon. Jökulsårlón, Iceland.


Stained glass window at a church. VÀsterÄs, Sweden.


Azulejo, a mural made from tin-glazed ceramic tiles. Lisbon, Portugal.


Call for selfie onboard the Tallink ferry! Tallinn, Estonia.

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Broccoli before Beyoncé?!

I started a search on YouTube by typing ‘b’ but almost forgot what I was looking for when the suggestions came up on the right… Broccoli before BeyoncĂ©?! 😂  😂  😂 And don’t ask me what in the world is ‘black beatles’ or why it’s a higher suggested keyword… The internet is a funny place 😜  On that note, have a happy Sunday!

Postcards from Budapest 

Hello friends, this weekend Mr.A & I are in beautiful Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Today we cisited the hilly Buda side of the city. I want to share some of the lovely sights we’ve seen to so far…

We rode the funicular, the “BudavĂĄri SiklĂł” up the castle hill. The view of the Chain Bridge from the funicular and from the hill is beautiful any time of the day.

The Buda Castle, first completed in the 13th century, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a huge castle complex that boasts of many rulers through history.  

The iconic 19th-century Chain Bridge was the first of many to connect the twin cities of Buda & Pest. A lit-up Buda Castle sparkels in the background.

Hope you enjoyed the mini-tour! Wish you a wonderful weekend 😊