Old but New

Sunny District just moved into a new home today designed by the WordPress theme ‘Hemingway Rewritten‘. Not to worry, dear readers, as nothing much changes about the spirit of my blog, though I kinda like to sport a new look every once in a while. Same goes for me, I want to need to get a haircut, like yesterday, so this weekend I am gonna look good just like my brand new old blog 🙂 Hope you have some nice things to say about the two of us!

Peace, Karma, Wisdom

My latest trinket shopping from Ur&Penn are these dainty bracelets for Peace, Karma & Wisdom. Though I like to wear some chunky ear-rings and pendants from time to time, for bracelets I always prefer the tiny and shiny ones. And aren’t those catch phrases quoted on the packaging absolutely adorable?

Peace: make love, not war

Karma: what goes around, comes around

Wisdom: you live, you learn

Which one is your favorite?

There’s garlic in my freezer!

“There are five elements: earth, air, fire, water and garlic.”

                                                                                            ~Louis Diat

Well, in my kitchen that saying holds good, ‘coz I love my garlic in pastas & curries & soups. Of course not in excess but I do like a decent dash of the sharp flavor and aroma that it lends to a dish. The other day I realized I had amassed quite a stockpile of garlic by forgetting how much I already had in the house. Now, I hate food going to waste, so I had to find a thrifty solution, and quickly before they started to dry up. Thanks to the internet, there is hardly ever a search that does not yield the desired results. The answer to my question – freeze them!

As instructed by several food writers, I peeled all the cloves that I wanted to put away in storage and gave them a good whizz in the food processor. I left them a bit chunky, just because. Then, in they went into ice trays, about one teaspoon in each compartment. Into the freezer, overnight. As many of you might be wondering, I did have trepidation about what if they smell out my whole freezer, but that never happened, I guess freezing the garlic kind of freezes the smell too…does that make sense? So there’s nothing to worry about.

The next day, I pulled out the trays, popped out the frozen garlic cubes, popped them back into a sealed freezer bag and into the freezer again. I have read that garlic can be stored in this way for up to several weeks. So now I have a stash of garlic ready to be used anytime I need. And since they are measured  out into 1tsp units, that makes it all the more easier to bring out just as much as needed in the recipe at hand.

Do you use frugal storage methods too? I’d love to hear about them!