Malaga murals

Seeking out magical murals with Mr.A on the sunny streets of Malaga this summer… perfect vacation treasure hunt ūüôā   You may also like other posts about street art from: Street art from Melbourne The Icelandic capital,¬†Reykjavik Zagreb, from¬†my¬†road-trip through Croatia¬†two summers ago The East Side Gallery, some remains of the¬†Berlin Wall Stockholm, a¬†city with … Continue reading Malaga murals

Gothenburg graffiti

Regular readers at my blog must have noticed how much I love street art. So, continuing the theme from my last post Street art in Reykjavik, I give you some graffiti from Gothenburg. I hope you like them!

Eye spy

Those eyes! They seems to draw you in… In case you missed it, this pretty belle used to be on Sunny District‘s header for quite a while; she looks¬†like my kinda girl ūüėČ I love spotting & capturing street art during my travels. They tell you a parallel stotr about the city. I’ll tell you … Continue reading Eye spy