No-bake cheesecake

I never imagined cheesecake could be easy, until I actually got around to make one myself. Of course, you already read the ‘no bake’ in the header which means I half-cheated, but hey, I had to do what I had to, to get me a cheesecake! Or rather, it was for Mr.A, for his birthday 🙂

This recipe teaches you how to make a great dessert in 4 easy steps. Plus, it does not have eggs in the mixture, unlike most baked cheesecakes, so it’s a great dessert option for vegetarians, too. I followed the instructions carefully, but made a small change. I mixed some chocolate chips in the cheese mixture before laying it out on the biscuit base. And before serving, I drizzled a bit of chocolate syrup over the top. Mr.A fell in love with this one, and I was quite pleased myself. I did eventually try the strawberry topping as well – he liked it even better with the strawberries but I couldn’t, even in my weakest moment, betray my loyalty to chocolate. In any case, that one went down so fast that I never got a chance to click any pics…maybe next time, since now I’m such a pro 😉

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Kladdkaka for the perfect Fika

Kladdkaka, a simple yet deliciously gooey chocolate cake is one of the most popular desserts in Sweden. I’d say it is one of the more obvious choices for a fika, the traditional Swedish coffee break. According to an article published earlier this year, Sweden is the third biggest coffee consumer in the world. A fika is thus, quite a part of everyday life here. However, since people these days are more conscious of their sugar consumption, desserts are sort of reserved for the more relaxed Friday fikas. Last week I felt quite adventurous in the kitchen and baked my first kladdkaka. I followed this straightforward recipe, serving it up with some berries and ice-cream. And at the cost of appearing smug, let me just say it turned out quite yum 😉

Must eat in Madrid

Remember that time I told you about binging in Barcelona? Well, I have resolved – when in Spain, just focus on the eating. I confess I am a foodie and I’ve found my match in Mr.A! When we travel we like to get a taste of the local cuisine, and Spain in particular never disappoints us. On a recent weekend getaway to Madrid we treated ourselves to the must-eat trio of Spanish cooking.

What trio, you say?

#1 Paella

#2 Churros with Hot Chocolate

#3 Tapas

P.S. Special mention to Sangria, of course!


Yes, you deserve me

What do you do with a piece of dark chocolate that says, ‘Yes, you deserve me’? You eat it, right? And three more after that! So yumm, numm, gumm!  Oh yes, I will not deny my love for chocolate, no!

Mr.A brought me ‘The Generous Box’ from Anthon Berg with 38, okay make that 40, loving chocolate bits each with a loving message that you cannot just ignore. And did he get to taste any of them? Sigh! To be honest there was that message on the box about sharing, so hard as it might be for me, I had to follow the instructions 😉

Have a happy & sweet weekend, everyone!!

Choco Chocolate

A few weeks ago, we had an office after-work at a most delicious place called “Choco Chocolate“. Cute name, right?! It’s a cozy little chocolate factory own by a chocolatier who has come to Stockholm all the way from Singapore. We had a lovely chocolate tasting session and learnt quite a few facts about one of my favorite foods. Our host took us through the journey that a cacao bean goes through on its way to become the chocolate that we all know and love. I guess it helped me truly understood why chocolate is so often believed to be an aphrodisiac!