Postcard from Delhi <3

Namaste!  Sending you all a big hello from India & wishing you a very Happy New Year!

I might have seemed MIA for a while but that’s only because I have been away enjoying my trip home. Mr. A and I started off on Christmas eve and have spent the last few days in Delhi, spending time with family & friends.

We have been gorging on our favorite foods from across the country aka getting fat on vacation 😉 Delhi’s food scene is simply amazing; all sorts of regional cuisine is easily accessible for foodies like us. We got the chance to enjoy Mughal, Kannada, Malayali, Bihari, Hariyanwi, Chinese & Bengali cuisines in the span of ten days. As they say, “Happiness is good food”!

We also succeeded in doing a bit of touristy things as well, enjoying joyful Christmas decorations, and visiting the serene Humayun’s Tomb and chaotic Chandni Chowk.

So far it has been great fun – just the kind of time we wanted to spend in Delhi. The next leg of our trip started yesterday – off to Jodhpur! Stay tuned for more updates 🙂

Color story : Prayer

Prayer is the ultimate cure for worry.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~William James

Prayer beads found at the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey


A church door in Melbourne, Australia


Prayer threads and bangles offered at the Nizammuddin Dargah, Delhi, India


Candles lit in the Catedral-Barri Gòtic, Barcelona, Spain

Featuring ‘Irresistible India’

I wrote a guest post for ‘A Date with Delhi‘, a blog that showcases everything about Delhi, from the most popular sights and activities, to the hidden gems along the path less travelled. Hop ahead & browse away!

A Date With Delhi

Recently I was on board an Austrian Airlines flight. I was pleasantly surprised to see the in-flight magazine featuring ‘Irresistible India’ as their cover story. Moreover, the main focus of the feature was Delhi and I immediately grabbed it to read up. It is so true when the article talks about how tourists somehow bypass Delhi as the main terminus before moving on to the more popular delights in neighboring Rajasthan, Agra or the northern hill stations. The author lists the top six reasons why they believe Delhi is definitely a destination to reckon with.

Old Delhi: The Delhi of the Mughals

Of course, this one had to be the top choice. You all know how much Date with Delhi loves the city of the Mughals! You can read about Wanderfool’s escapades throughout Old Delhi here [link to archives]. Old Delhi is all about a magical world that continues to…

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Off to India!

I’m off on a trip home for the holidays, all the way to India! So excited, I can hardly wait to get there. There’ll be three weeks of meeting family & friends, visiting my favorite hangouts, eating the choicest delicacies prepared by my Mum & Grandma. Going back to the childhood home I grew up in, the alleys I played in and the street food that can be matched by no other. Also on the list is a New Year’s Eve party with old friends from school, many of whom have been married since we last met, so there’s going to be new faces to see, and new friends to make. I visit Delhi, Akash’s home, that I have grown fond of over the past few years. Plus I take him to his first visit to Kolkata, the city of joy, and get a chance to show off and share a place that I am so thrilled to revisit. There is so much I look forward to during the next three weeks, I know they will pass by in a flash but I hope I can make the most of the time & bring back good memories to last me till the next trip home…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Habit: something one does regularly or repeatedly. Well, I have to confess I have a habit. Not a very bad one, since it doesn’t harm anyone. But a little weird. Okay, out with it – I collect junk. It’s a habit I can’t help. One that drives my husband crazy at times. I stop in my way to pick up shiny objects from the road, or bring back sticks and stones from the forest, or reserve buttons and pair-less earrings for ‘later’ use. That the said later use may never really occur does not change anything. Here’s a small subset of my current junk store. Go ahead, feel free to frown & call me strange if you will 😉


P.S. On the same note of ‘habit’, do check out my guest post at this great blog called ‘A Date with Delhi‘ where you can discover tons of cool things about the melting pot of culture that is Delhi. Never mind if you haven’t been there yet, one must never say never!