Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

Out of the many dictionary meanings of the word ‘contrast’, this one’s just perfect for the legendary Marilyn Munroe, both as a painting and its muse.


con·trast   [v. kuhn-trast, kon-trast; n. kon-trast]

noun : a person or thing that is strikingly unlike in comparison


On the museum wall

This is a photo of Andy Wahrol‘s famous set of silkscreen paintings of Marilyn Munroe’s portrait in highly contrasting colors, that I clicked at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, at Humlebaek, Copenhagen. Wahrol did the first rendition, called the Marilyn Diptych, soon after Munroe’s death in 1962.

Ever since this piece of art and its reproductions have adorned anything from museums and art galleries to tee-shirts and coffee mugs. But on the brighter side, it has also inspired a whole generation of pop-artists.

A closer look at a few of the paintings, with higher contrast

Up close

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Learnt a new weather term recently: Flurries. Basically it’s a light snowfall. See the dictionary meaning here. Nothing too special in Stockholm, a land of snowy winters. But it sounds rather adorable, I say! To me it sounds like that feeling in your tummy when you think that the cute guy that you have a massive crush on, just turned around and looked straight into your eyes…yeah, that pretty much sums up the thought ‘flurries’ brings to my head. Well, who says I have to  agree with the dictionary, right?!