DIY Wall art

I was scouting the internet for some inspiration to paint a canvas that had been lying around the apartment for a while. All I knew was that it was supposed to be black & white & abstract. That’s quite a wide specification, I know. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon Ayisha’s post about her DIY wall art. Thank you, Ayisha, for the inspiration ūüôā Just some swirls of black paint, and ta-da! we have something new to put up on the walls. I might use this as a prototype to make a bigger one next time. Or I’ll just go scouting again, the internet is a superb place for inspiration, isn’t it?!
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The coffee table story

When we moved into our first home two years ago, Mr.A. and I got some basic IKEA furniture to get things going. Dressing up our home has been such a¬†fulfilling journey together. We still own most of those pieces, but some of them have gone through a transformation of sorts. Our coffee table, for instance, was the most basic design¬†possible from IKEA’s¬†‘Lack’ series.

I came across hundreds of blogs featuring DIY projects on pieces from that series in particular. I reckon they come so cheap, there is no risk of feeling a loss, even if your project were to go totally kaput. We gave ours a face-lift by adding a dark wood top. Buying palettes from the local hardware store and coating them with varnish, we then screwed three of them parallel to each other to get a renewed table top. One can see the grain of the wood through the varnish, and I love the rustic, earthy look. We also removed the lower shelf to give it a lighter, more airy feel. We were super pleased how it turned out. As we kept searching for a new one to replace it, one that we both love and agree upon, in the meantime we enjoyed our little project very well!

FullSizeRender (4)

Last weekend we finally found a new coffee table,¬†also from IKEA. Actually it’s a set of two tables. Best part about it? Mr.A and I both¬†love it ūüėÄ

Aim for my heart

I quite¬†enjoy refreshing the¬†wall art hanging about our living room. What’s easier than making some yourself, right? Remember this one¬†that I made for my bathroom a couple of years ago? This new one says ‘Aim for my heart’ and has some cute¬†arrows in gold, silver and black.

Birthday coupons for Mr.A

It’s birthday season again! Mr.A turned a year older & wiser on 9th Nov. and as usual I got kinda¬†crazy with ideas about how to make it special this time around ūüėÄ I usually knock myself out¬†making him fun & absolutely useless things for his birthday, and am thrilled how he loves them, too. Heehee, it’s the silly things that tell you how perfect your are for each other!

I have been wanting to make him some personalized¬†coupons for a while now. I thought about it last Valentine’s day but a birthday is as good an occasion as any.

I used the pixlr express app that I have downloaded on my ¬†Chrome browser. It’s a great app for quick picture editing and I use it quite often¬†on¬†my blog. I took a blank .jpg file as the base. I wanted to apply a similar look for all my coupons but with different colors. I also wanted¬†to keep it simple &¬†sober. Browsing though¬†the various looks I arrived at background -> ink -> blackfive. Adding some text, I came to¬†this¬†template that I used for all the coupons, applying different filters to change the background color. Next I added some fun freebies for Mr.A to redeem at will.

I added a bolder border before printing them out, then cut them out, punched a hole in the top-left corner of each & stringed them through a piece of ribbon. Done! Try this fun idea for a dear one, you could allow your imagination to choose any kind of treat. Btw, Mr.A loved this gift Рsuccess, yeahh!

Freebies from here & there

One can discover just about anything & everything over the internet. I saw a clip from a Bollywood movie trailer (move forward to 2:00min) that describes my feelings perfectly.

Dad asks daughter, ‘where the hell did you learn all this?’¬†She simply shrugs and states the evident, ‘from¬†the internet…you can find every recipe out there, from making babies to making bombs!’

Anyway, that brings me to some random, fun & free things I stumbled upon while surfing.

  • So everyone’s going crazy about the iPhone6, I know, I know, I am not starting on that, but how about some amazing wallpapers to distract you? Check out¬†Poolga‘s¬†fantastic collection of artwork by a group of extremely creative artists. Poolga’s¬†Facebook page¬†has nearly 7000 likes and counting.¬†You can select and download wallpapers for free for the existing iPhones, iPads & iPod Touch. Of course, you can find some gorgeous ones for the new iPhone6 & 6+ as well.


  • At¬†you can ‘turn a quote into a masterpiece’. That’s what the website says and I quite agree. You can choose from several interesting poster styles to pick one that suits your purpose, preview it, and download it or share¬†it online or email¬†it to a friend. For free. If you are feeling unimaginative, the website even suggests quotes you might like. What could be easier than that! I have occasionally used this for my blog now, then¬†and again. You might have to move your words around a bit, depending on the selected design, but most of it is no rocket science.


  • Head over to Caravan Shoppe¬†to find adorable & artistic digital downloads. You can buy most of the¬†designs but they also have a freebies section where they set aside some of their work for free downloads. Take a moment to read about their designers¬†or find out the latest on¬†their blog. From party invitations &¬†posters to calendars¬†& cards, you will definitely find something that catches your eye.

 Hope you like my finds and use them for fun! Have a great weekend!!