Broccoli before Beyoncé?!

I started a search on YouTube by typing ‘b’ but almost forgot what I was looking for when the suggestions came up on the right… Broccoli before Beyoncé?! 😂  😂  😂 And don’t ask me what in the world is ‘black beatles’ or why it’s a higher suggested keyword… The internet is a funny place 😜  On that note, have a happy Sunday!

Stand tall

Remember that time I grew long legs? Well, meet my friend here…she stands at the entrance to the Mood Gallery in Stockholm. Poor thing is too tall to fit under the roof, so she has to hunch over slightly. But make no mistake, there shall be no compromise on style, check out her high heels!

Funny bone

“…her nose was stubby and aggressive and her mouth had the coldly forbidding look of the closed door of a subway express when you have just missed the train…”

That’s one of the many witty & hilarious descriptions that made me want to laugh out loud while reading P.G.Wodehouse‘s ‘Piccadilly Jim‘ on the subway. The only thing stopping me was the thought that people might think I am quite daft. I wonder how I managed to not have read this awesome writer all these years. I remember a friend of mine recommending his books way back in school, but somehow I remained ignorant to his funny world. Thankfully I have discovered his unique way of making every other sentence in his book sound super funny. And never a repetitive note. Looks like I have a lot to catch up on. ‘Piccadilly Jim’ is one of the most entertaining comedy of errors that I have come across. What do you think of Wodehouse’s works?

Btw, remember my 2014 Goodreads Reading Challenge? I am nearing the 1/3rd mark for my 2015 reading challenge. Feels good!