Must eat in Madrid

Remember that time I told you about binging in Barcelona? Well, I have resolved – when in Spain, just focus on the eating. I confess I am a foodie and I’ve found my match in Mr.A! When we travel we like to get a taste of the local cuisine, and Spain in particular never disappoints us. On a recent weekend getaway to Madrid we treated ourselves to the must-eat trio of Spanish cooking.

What trio, you say?

#1 Paella

#2 Churros with Hot Chocolate

#3 Tapas

P.S. Special mention to Sangria, of course!


Easy peasy hot chocolate

Hello rainy day, meet easy peasy hot chocolate! So it’s past mid-day now but it’s been the same gray color all morning. I am not a big fan of rainy days. More often than not, they tend to make me gloomy, make me want to hole up in my room and come out only when the sun does too. Gosh, now that I have written down that confession, it reads way more depressing than I actually feel!  No no, it’s not so bad really 🙂 Good thing about today though is that we are both working from home and can indulge in little breaks to chitchat and share a cuppa. This super easy hot chocolate needs 1 tsp each of sugar and instant coffee, with 2 of cocoa powder. Pour hot milk, stir & sip.

IMG_6459 IMG_6466 IMG_6467 IMG_6470 IMG_6472

P.S. Just realized the fonts on my pics are all over the place o_O But that’s only because I’m experimenting with some online picture editors. Hope you won’t mind, my dears!