Ice Ice Baby!

Ice HotelJukkasjärvi is a short drive from the Kiruna city centre. Some quick snaps to share with you all. And some related posts, too.

I’m Going North

I’m going north… No, I’m not talking about the song by Missy Higgins, which by the way is really sweet & melodious.

I’m actually going north, as in, the direction towards the North Pole (Hey, you can’t use the word you are defining as part of its meaning!) I’m off to Kiruna today, which is by far the northernmost latitude as yet for me. To be more specific, it’s 67 ° 51’N, which is a little further up from the Arctic Circle (66° 33′ 44″N) and that feels pretty awesome!

I know, I know. I have been ranting about it ever since my anniversary last month, but I’m just super excited about the next three days. See you on the other side of the weekend, have fun!

Three down!

This week the mister and I completed three years of being married and living together, yay! It’s a mini milestone, and we celebrated it with a cozy dinner at a tapas bar in town. And of course, there were the flowers and gifts 😀

The previous years we celebrated by going on holidays during our anniversary, the first year to sunny Sydney and last year to romantic Rome Pompeii. But this time around, since it was the middle of the work-week, and we had just returned from India a week back, we did not get to go on another trip so soon. uh-oh! But we do have a trip planned next month which will be our belated anniversary getaway. I’m so eagerly looking forward to going off to Kiruna in the north of Sweden to visit the ice hotel and hopefully (please please let it happen!) see the northern lights. A-yippee-yay-yooo!