Month#6 with LittleA

Six months… Half a year! Soon we started talking in years, not months! Don’t grow up so fast, my sunny bunny 😍

Month#5 with LittleA

Lots of giggles and laughter at five months, life’s good 🤩🤩

Month#4 with LittleA

So what does a four month old baby feel like? She feels like lots of smiles & giggles, like splashes of water in the bath, like the smell of fresh baby cream, like snuggles in bed, like a dream come true 💖

Month#3 with LittleA

Our baby nurse kept saying that things would get easier as the baby turns 3 months old, as though it were some magical milestone, and we put our hopes on that too 😅 Being super optimistic, we planned a trip to Andalusia and Costa del Sol as soon as LittleA hit 3months 😃 But more about that trip in another post (or rather series of posts, ‘coz that’s what it’ll take!) But here’s a pic of our 3month old kittycay 😻

Month #2 with LittleA

I’d call her my warrior bunny! That’s what she looks and feels like at two months… soft and warm and fuzzy and cuddly. And at the same time so very fierce and strong willed. The right mix to make us all fall in love 🧡