Weekly Photo Challenge : Repurpose



Kerið, crater repurposed to lake

Iceland, being located where it is, on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, is fairly high in geological & seismic activity. As such, there are several craters left over by numerous volcanic eruptions all over the island. Nature has decided to repurpose some of these into water basins called crater lakes, that is a lake formed when water collects in a volcanic crater or caldera.

On our road-trip around Iceland last autumn, we got to see several such crater lakes, one of them being Kerið (pronounced Kerid or Kerith). The small and serene lake calmly sits between slopes that now run partly green in the warmer months. One can stroll around the rim to take a look at it from every angle, and also walk down to the edge of the water. The caldera itself is relatively young, only about 3000 years old. Researchers have discovered that there was possibly no eruption in this case – the cone volcano ran down its magma and the crater collapsed inwards. The water is from the water table, as opposed to precipitation like rain or melting ice. A trip to Iceland is definitely a revision course in geography & geology, something I enjoyed thoroughly back in school. So don’t be surprised if I start breaking into a ramble here 😉 What can I see, it’s as much a treat for the mind as it is for the eyes!

How to get there : Drive yourself or get together with a tour group. Kerið falls along the Golden Circle, a popular tourist route that starts at Reykjavik.

How far is it : From Reykjavik, it is about 62km, which should take you 40mins to an hour.

How much does it cost: With an entrance fee of 400ISK (as of November 2016), which comes to about €3, this is one of the cheaper attractions in Iceland.

If you are planning a trip to Iceland and have any questions regarding planning, just give me a shout-out & I’ll be more than happy to share my tips and stories 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Rare

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I was out running in the woods behind my place this evening. What a rare treat to sight this beauty, so cautious in its curiosity, ready to spring off if I made one false move. Our eyes locked for a few moments and she allowed me to steal a quick snap before we both took off on our separate ways…

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Dance


Dance : In Hindu mythology, Nataraj (or Natraj or Nataraja), the dancing form of Shiva, performs the cosmic dance of destruction. ‘Nataraj’ literally translates to ‘King of Dance’ in Sanskrit, a combination of ‘nata’ meaning dance and ‘raja’ meaning king. Nataraj’s dance symbolises the eternal cycle of destruction and creation. Nataraj represents apocalypse and creation as he dances away a retrograde world, and renews it with power and enlightenment.

This photo was clicked on my birthday this year when I visited the Östasiatiskt (East Asian) museum, in Stockholm.

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Eye spy

Those eyes! They seems to draw you in…

In case you missed it, this pretty belle used to be on Sunny District‘s header for quite a while; she looks like my kinda girl 😉




I love spotting & capturing street art during my travels. They tell you a parallel stotr about the city. I’ll tell you more about the murals that she is part of, but you’ll have to wait a while for that. Soon, soon… Meanwhile, why don’t you go back to my older photo challenge entries, I’d love to know your opinion about them 🙂 I also do my own I spy series on this blog, don’t think it’s a fun topic?

Update: As promised, here’s the story of the graffiti!


Trios have shown up every now and then at Sunny District.

Like the time when I showed you my favorite photo of me and my sisters. Growing up as part of that trio was the best part of my childhood.

And last year I shared the story of how I managed to grow three herbs in my kitchen – basil, thyme and coriander. They lasted a while and made me so proud of my green thumb 😉


Then there were those three pretty bracelets I found at a trinket store. They had equally pretty names – Peace, Karma, Wisdom.

And more recently, I shared a one-line story of the three beer bottles I saw standing on a window sill in beautiful Faro: Two is company, three is a crowd.


I broke the trio theme by sharing four stories instead of three, I know, but hey, there’s fun in unpredictability, right?! Find out what other bloggers thought about this week’s prompt : Trio. Do hang around to browse through my previous contributions. Have a happy week ahead!