Anniversary Teppanyaki

Two words, but quite a mouthful, right?! See how punny I am 😉 So tried out the new teppanyaki restaurant in town, Budda Khan at the Mall of Scandinavia, Stockholm. Mr.A had had teppanyaki before when he was in the U.S. & he was so eager for me to try it. Lucky for us, the joint opened its teppanyaki section just in time for our anniversary, our 6th year as a wedded couple, yes, time flies! As is common at this kind of grill, we shared the table with two other couples. They were such happy souls, the best strangers I could have asked to share our evening with. We ordered king prawns, scallops and rib eye, all prepared with flourish right before us. Seeped in garlicky goodness with flavours of soya, vinegar and some special sauces, each dish was a pleasant surprise. The dinner was accompanied by a fresh mango-rucola salad, some mixed fried rice and a velvety green tea ice-cream served on a bed of fried plantain. The food was absolutely delicious, but of course, half the fun was also watching the ‘show’ being presented by our super friendly Chinese chef. If you haven’t tried it yet, I do recommend going to a teppanyaki restaurant, where dining is supposed to be a complete experience. 


P.S. This post shares my own opinion of the restaurant and is not an advertisement.

Date night with Jamie Oliver ;)

Yesterday, on date night Mr.A and I finally tried out a new restaurant that we had our eyes on for a while. It’s called Jamie’s Italian. And yes, that Jamie’s last name is Oliver. Yay for JO! I love his foodie shows on television, and generally he seems such a cute & nice guy. If you are reading this, Jamie, then know that I’d love to hang out with you 😀

Anyway, back to the restaurant. Since we left home on a sudden plan, we didn’t have a reservation, but we tried our luck and it turned out the waiting was only about 25 mins. Perfectly doable. We got a couple of drinks at the bar. The menu looked promising, and the bartender surely knew his stuff. By the time we got our drinks, our buzzer rang out, ten minutes short of the waiting time. Nice.

We ordered their day’s special, a delicious towering burger with fries. The other order was a fish plank which served a combination of fish preparations on a wooden plank, much like how you’d serve a salami or meat cut platter. Looked fancy, I can tell you that, and the taste lived up to that. We also asked for a side of freshly baked artisan breads, drizzled with a heavenly concoction of dressing and herbs.

We skipped dessert, though I admit I was in two minds about that. But Mr.A reminded me of the loads of ice cream I had had the rest of the weekend, so I meekly declined 😛 But even without a sweet ending, it was a great place to dine and I’m definitely going back. Highly recommended 👍

** Note to Jamie Oliver: Don’t forget my offer to hang out with you. Anytime! 😉

Antler Club

At the Hunter’s Lodge Kamnik, Skopje, Macedonia. This is a hunting lodge on the outskirts of the city that allows hunters a chance to shoot game. Though I don’t think I’d ever hunt myself, I was quite taken by the location, decor and service at the restaurant. They also have a shooting range for people like me to shoot at inanimate targets and check out how good their aim is! It was an amazing trip to Macedonia last year when I got to see some places yet untouched by mainstream tourism, where one can still enjoy the sights and activities at one’s own pace without feeling like the usual tourist. Gotta share some more experiences from that trip…

Choco Chocolate

A few weeks ago, we had an office after-work at a most delicious place called “Choco Chocolate“. Cute name, right?! It’s a cozy little chocolate factory own by a chocolatier who has come to Stockholm all the way from Singapore. We had a lovely chocolate tasting session and learnt quite a few facts about one of my favorite foods. Our host took us through the journey that a cacao bean goes through on its way to become the chocolate that we all know and love. I guess it helped me truly understood why chocolate is so often believed to be an aphrodisiac!

Feeling brainy, anyone?!

“The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.”                                                                                                                                                  ~Robert Frost

Spotted this ignited brain at the Bier Haus (literally, beer house) in Tegnergatan, Stockholm. Very inspiring, no?! On that thought, have a great work week ahead, fellows!