Featuring ‘Irresistible India’

I wrote a guest post for ‘A Date with Delhi‘, a blog that showcases everything about Delhi, from the most popular sights and activities, to the hidden gems along the path less travelled. Hop ahead & browse away!

A Date With Delhi

Recently I was on board an Austrian Airlines flight. I was pleasantly surprised to see the in-flight magazine featuring ‘Irresistible India’ as their cover story. Moreover, the main focus of the feature was Delhi and I immediately grabbed it to read up. It is so true when the article talks about how tourists somehow bypass Delhi as the main terminus before moving on to the more popular delights in neighboring Rajasthan, Agra or the northern hill stations. The author lists the top six reasons why they believe Delhi is definitely a destination to reckon with.

Old Delhi: The Delhi of the Mughals

Of course, this one had to be the top choice. You all know how much Date with Delhi loves the city of the Mughals! You can read about Wanderfool’s escapades throughout Old Delhi here [link to archives]. Old Delhi is all about a magical world that continues to…

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The Taj Mahal, an epitome of symmetry, a timeless symbol of love. This breath-taking marble mausoleum on the banks of the river Yamuna in Agra attracts some 3 million visitors each year. They say its vision is even more stunning on a full moon night making the marble shimmer and look somewhat ethereal.

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