Peace, Karma, Wisdom

My latest trinket shopping from Ur&Penn are these dainty bracelets for Peace, Karma & Wisdom. Though I like to wear some chunky ear-rings and pendants from time to time, for bracelets I always prefer the tiny and shiny ones. And aren’t those catch phrases quoted on the packaging absolutely adorable?

Peace: make love, not war

Karma: what goes around, comes around

Wisdom: you live, you learn

Which one is your favorite?

Twinkly bottle

An empty corner in the room waiting for that little something to spruce it up.

A shapely old wine bottle which I just couldn’t bring myself to throw away into the recycle bin.

A string of twinkly lights lying around in the spare drawer.

Throw them together, and presto! What do we have? A twinkly bottle! I had seen these on the internet several times and always wanted to make one for myself. I’m loving the patterns caused by the randomness of the tiny lights stuffed into a long, closed space. That’s how you prove to your husband that saving trash sometimes always pays off!