Postcards from St.Petersburg!

St.Petersburg is surely a big item off my travel checklist. Russia always felt like this enigmatic land far out of my reach… but now Mr.A & I’ve been there at least once! I’ll tell you all about how we traveled visa-free to St.Petersburg. But first, some snapshots to ring in the prelude ūüėČ



The (Easter) egg came first / Vienna’s Easter Markets

I haven’t seen as many eggs within the span of two days as I did at the¬†Easter markets in Vienna last weekend. Mr.A and I were in¬†the beautiful Austrian capital, walking around town, hopping on and off the trams, and strolling in and out of¬†its many cozy markets showcasing local crafts and delicacies, among plump fluffy rabbits, cocky roosters and an immense collection¬†of gorgeously decorated eggs. By the end of it we’d seen eggs made of¬†wood, wax and glass, eggs small enough to hold in ones¬†palm to¬†those towering high above my height, eggs dipped¬†in mild vegetable dyes to those bedecked¬†in gilded¬†pearls, dainty crochet jackets or mini oil paintings, and honestly, every other kind of¬†Easter egg in between!

Where has she been?

I’ve been right here all along! But what this post is really wants you to know is that¬†Sunny District has a new page¬†where I share links to all the places I have been to & written about. Just click on the link ‘WHERE’S SHE GOING‘ below the header image and read about my travel stories. I know¬†there are some countries I am yet to talk about, but I’m going to close that gap soon, soon… I hope you will enjoy the journey with me!



Croatia Day 7, 8 : Zagreb

… Continued from Croatia Day¬†6: Motovun, Hum
We spent most of Day 7 on the road, stopping here and there, at no particular destination. The drive from Hum to the capital Zagreb was  about 200km, we finally arrived at our apartment hotel by sundown and settled in for the last leg of our awesome Croatian road-trip.


  • Next morning the plan was to walk through Zagreb’s Upper Town. Mr.A and I started our tour at the¬†Ban Jelańćińá Square &¬†the ManduŇ°evac Fountain. Next, up to the Kaptol dominated by the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Then onto the colorfully umbrella-ed Dolac Market where local farmers bring fresh produce every day of the week. Strolling through¬†the happening Tkalciceva Street, we passed¬†under¬†the¬†Gradec Stone Gate, dating back to the 1200’s. Here locals and tourists light candles to the Virgin Mary even today. Next stop was the colorfully¬†tiled St.Marks¬†Church. We toured Gradec some more, listening to piano music floating in from a ballet school, such a pleasant¬†touch to our afternoon! And then ended up somewhere in the Lower Town. The final high-point was the fun funicular ride up to the¬†Strossmayer promenade. At the top, we were¬†enchanted by the bird’s eye-view of the city warmly¬†lit by¬†the setting sun.
  • Tkalciceva Street¬†(pronounced tkal-chee-tseva) needs special mention when one is talking about Zagreb. This is the city’s hep street lined with scores of restaurants, cafes and fast-food joints that to satisfy any craving you might have. Of course, the cuisine is not limited to Croatian food, but a large variety from all over the world. This is where you will find the best dressed Croatians sipping on their coffee, meeting friends and family, hanging out with friends, and generally enjoying the good life. Mr. A and I happily joined the scene strolling through to the very end.We even witnessed some sort of horse procession! We rewarded ourselves with an excellent lunch and coffee ūüôā
  • You might have noticed that I have a thing for street-art¬† ūüėČ and Zagreb had lots to offer on that front. Zagreb’s prominently young population is owed¬†to its universities that¬†attract students from not only the rest of Croatia but also neighbouring countries. As such, it is not surprising that graffiti show up on its walls as an expression of the young voices. Also, there are several inspiring installations all over the city in the form of sculptures &¬†statues.

And that brought us to the end of our amazing week in Croatia, the fascinating, versatile land of natural & cultural wealth. We could wish to stay on much longer, but it was time to head back to new adventures. And there is always a way back to places we love, isn’t that right?!

Postcard from Delhi <3

Namaste!  Sending you all a big hello from India & wishing you a very Happy New Year!

I might have seemed MIA for a while but that’s only because I have been away enjoying my trip home. Mr. A and I started off on Christmas eve and have spent the last few days in Delhi, spending time with family & friends.

We have been gorging on¬†our favorite foods from across the country aka getting fat on vacation ūüėČ Delhi’s food scene is simply amazing; all sorts of regional cuisine is easily accessible for foodies like us. We got the chance to enjoy Mughal, Kannada, Malayali, Bihari, Hariyanwi, Chinese & Bengali cuisines in the span of ten days. As they say, “Happiness is good food”!

We also succeeded in doing a bit of touristy things as well, enjoying joyful¬†Christmas decorations,¬†and¬†visiting the serene Humayun’s Tomb and chaotic Chandni Chowk.

So far it has been great fun – just the kind of time we wanted to spend in Delhi. The next leg of our trip started yesterday – off to Jodhpur! Stay tuned for more updates ūüôā