Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Habit: something one does regularly or repeatedly. Well, I have to confess I have a habit. Not a very bad one, since it doesn’t harm anyone. But a little weird. Okay, out with it – I collect junk. It’s a habit I can’t help. One that drives my husband crazy at times. I stop in my way to pick up shiny objects from the road, or bring back sticks and stones from the forest, or reserve buttons and pair-less earrings for ‘later’ use. That the said later use may never really occur does not change anything. Here’s a small subset of my current junk store. Go ahead, feel free to frown & call me strange if you will 😉


P.S. On the same note of ‘habit’, do check out my guest post at this great blog called ‘A Date with Delhi‘ where you can discover tons of cool things about the melting pot of culture that is Delhi. Never mind if you haven’t been there yet, one must never say never!