It snowed again. & a lot!

Didn’t they say it was time for spring? I guess they changes their minds, ’cause it snowed again in Stockholm this week. & a lot! Although it’s been quite cold these days, this white wonderland is a much more welcome view than the dreary grey days between winter and spring. No complaints here 🤗


The quintessential autumn post

As the leaves glow orange & yellow and drop off the branches one by one, as  sunlight becomes miserly and rations itself out a little less every day, as the wind turns up its chill and shows a preview of winter just around the corner, nearly every blogger sits down and writes that quintessential autumn post… so, here comes mine 🙂

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Sun or snow?

Finally the sun shone today after nearly a week of snowfall and grey skies. I took a walk by the water after lunch and found some ladies basking in the sun, or perhaps cooling off in the snow… it’s a tad confusing, dont you think? But whatever they are upto, they sure seem to like it.

Clicked at Liljeholmen, Stockholm.

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